"I completely ADORE every minute of what I do- it has been my passion for so long. My shooting style is a candid approach coupled with the ability to give some direction if needed, and I love details! As a wedding photographer, I strive to capture unique memories of each couple’s special day.

I have always known that I was destined to be in the arts, but didn’t find my niche of photography until high school, and as soon as I found it I fell deeply in love. After graduating from Sheridan College’s Applied Photography program I began building my fashion and beauty portfolio and completed an internship with Fashion Magazine in Toronto. I enjoyed shooting fashion because I love beauty and the adrenaline rush from getting the right shot. This same feeling translates when I’m surrounded by guests watching the bride and groom have their first kiss. Being “on my toes” in any situation such as a wedding, corporate event, or family photo shoot is my passion. Getting the right shot in any situation is my forte.

I also enjoy architecture as well and love to use design as an inspiration for your day. Photographing in intimate spaces allows me to throw my own artistic spin on your wedding day photos."