More About Tomas

Where are you from originally ? I am originally from Slovakia

How long have you been a photographer? I have been taking pictures for about 5 years 

What other kinds of photography do you like to do? I do Landscape travel photography too

How would you describe your photography style? I would like to describe my type of photography as modern romantic

How do you work on the day? I do something called assisted documentary style, which means that I let the day unfold as it does and document it but might give you a little bit of direction if needed

Have you been published anywhere in magazines or online blogs? I have been punished by Daily Telegraph and Daily Express, Eloque Magazine and worked on a big campaign for Nikon for both their social media and their website

Are there any parts of the day you especially like photographing? I haven’t got a particular part as I think each part has go something special about it and in some weddings one part might be better than others in some that part might not be and thats what I love about weddings its always something different

How many images do you normally shoot on a typical 8 hour wedding? I would say it varies between 400-600 final images

How much post production do you do? My edit is vintage film look photos

Do you have a favorite, must-capture moment for every wedding? I always want to get a shot I never got before. Something unique something that I can say “yeah that has definitely A&B’s wedding written all over it.

What’s the most unique photo you’ve ever taken at a wedding? I probably have 3 favourites and it would be so hard to choose I still remember the wedding I shot in Kent when we took the couple away for their couple shoot into the nearby field and there was these two horses that just wanted to be a bit curious and ended up being the best thing ever as the photos that came out were awesome, and also one wedding that I have done recently in Scotland and there was a rainbow that came out just when we were doing the couple shots for them, also I really like one from a wedding I have done in 2017 where I have the couple in frame as they are saying their yes and the mother of the groom is standing in the background and I can just feel how proud she was and I think the photo shows it of perfectly.

What piece of advice would you give brides and grooms to ensure that they get wedding photos they love forever?  Relax, its your day people will wait if they have to, make sure you give your selves enough time for everything. Be happy enjoy your day and than the photos you will have will show it. Always share your ideas with me how ever wacky you think they are you might just get a photo that no one else will have. 

If you weren’t a wedding photographer, what would you be doing? I would always make sure that I make my living taking photographs, its what I love and its what makes my live exciting and worthy of getting out of bed for.