more about Sal

Where are you from originally?

I'm from a city called Basingstoke, in the South of England

How long have you been a photographer? I started working as a professional photographer in 2012 

What other kinds of photography do you like to do? I do a lot of fashion photography in London and Rome, but also love travel and street photography

How would you describe your photography style? If I had to use 2 words I would say modern and natural. 

How do you work on the day? I have a photojournalistic style, and I don't interfere at any time. During the couples portrait session I will direct the couple in a very natural way, allowing them to behave naturally, yet making sure the photos are beautiful and artistic. 

Are there any parts of the day you especially like photographing? I love the entire wedding, especially the getting ready and capturing the candid moments throughout the day.

How many images do you normally shoot on a typical 8 hour wedding?Generally around 600 edited photos.

How much post production do you do? What is your style? My editing style is purely stylistic. I bring out the best out of each image while making sure that each photo not only looks great by itself, but also in the entire collection. I don't use presets, instead each image is individually edited. 

Do you have a favorite, must-capture moment for every wedding? There are many! I love natural moments, so anytime I can capture the parents looking at the bride or groom in that special way, I will. I also love looking out for reflections to capture unique perspectives.

What’s the most unique photo you’ve ever taken at a wedding? There are many. The first that comes to mind is from a wedding in Maidenhead, where I rode on an old double-decker bus together with the guests, and hung out of the open door while riding to take a picture of everybody waving their hands out of the windows.

What piece of advice would you give brides and grooms to ensure that they get wedding photos they love forever? Be natural, and don't worry about me or the camera.

If you weren’t a wedding photographer, what would you be doing? Probably a sports journalist!