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Tip Of The Week: How To Prepare For Your Wedding Photo Shoot

We’ve created a guideline to help you prepare for your wedding photo shoot! Now, these are just guidelines, it’s up to you to choose which tips apply to you.

2-3 months before photo shoot

·         Ensure the location of the shoot is available, either via permit or booking.

·         Are you wearing your wedding dress for your photo shoot, or are you getting a photo shoot gown? Be sure to be aware of the length of your dress in comparison to the settings in which the shoot takes place.

·         Apply facial masks regularly if you don’t already do so. It’s also good to go for facials.

·         Schedule your manicure if you intend to get one.

·         Schedule a hair appointment (cut, dye, etc) to ensure you know what length and color your hair will be at the time of the shoot.

·         If you intend on dyeing your hair a colour you aren’t used to, go for it around this time to make sure you know how to get it right.

Two to Three weeks before photo shoot

·         Be sure to apply facial masks daily

·         Avoid activities that can cause sunburn

·         Ask a friend if they can be a helper for you on photo shoot day, as it’s often helpful to have an extra set of hands to help for wardrobe, etc.

One week before photo shoot

·         Prepare an emergency kit to take with you on photo shoot day. You can use the same kit for wedding day.

·         Touch up your roots

Two or Three days before photo shoot

·         If you are doing your own make up, do a practice trial.

·         Remember to do your daily masks.

·         Get rid of unwanted hair (touch up eyebrows, etc).

Photo shoot Day

·         Remember to bring along your emergency kit.

·         Wash your make up off quickly afterwards if possible, as well as condition and shampoo your to get rid of hairspray, etc.

Your Emergency Kit

·         Bring all receipts and permits, depending on location.

·         Bottle of water with a straw

·         Extra flip flops or shoes. Your high heels will usually be covered by your dress.

·         Band-aids; in case your heels leave you a blister

·         Stockings

·         Eye drops

·         Tissues

·         Portable fan need be

·         Umbrella

·         Examples of any ideal poses

·         Props and Rings(Proposal Ring, Wedding Rings, pillows, etc)

·         Small snacks

·         Makeup remover and cotton balls

·         Safety pins

·         Black & White Socks

·         Sunblock and bugspray

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