Tip Of The Week - Choosing Your Wedding Date

As you might imagine Spring/ Summer is the most popular time of the year in the Western Hemisphere to get married, and August is by far the busiest month.  At Pink Daisy we book 3x as many weddings in the month of August alone as we do any other month of the year!

Such a busy month translates to less availability for venues, your favourite Pink Daisy Photographers, caterers, florists, you name it... and because many vendors can only be at one wedding at a time on any given August weekend, they may even charge more than their regular rate during this popular month.

So if you still have your heart set on an August wedding we recommend to book early!  Many of our brides are booking their wedding photographers up to 18 months in advance now, and the venues even before that.

How are money concious couples still getting their dream wedding but saving a little?  Weddings during the low season ( Oct- April ) and even mid-week weddings are now becoming more popular.  Most wedding vendors will even give a discount for weddings Mon- Thurs.  And the best bit?  You can spend that extra money on a dream honeymoon or that ultimate dress!