How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

Photography by: Ricardo

Photography by: Ricardo

Ensuring you have the right wedding photographer for your wedding is a key part of the planning process. It is just as important as choosing the right venue, the perfect dress or the right cake. But unlike the cake and your wedding flowers, the photographs from your wedding day live forever. You need someone who matches your tastes, loves your setting and is artistic and creative enough to capture even the smallest details of your day. Take a read through our tips on finding the best wedding photographer.

1.       View their work

It’s important you get a sense of the different venues they have done work in. Are you looking to use a forest as a setting?  Is your wedding on a beach? Make sure that the photographers have done work in a similar setting that your wedding will be in. Be sure to go through their social media profiles, especially Instagram and Facebook profiles to see if you are happy with their work.

2.       Choose your styles

Make sure your photographer understands what type of styles you are trying to portray through your setting. Are you looking for a modern style, a classic style or a vintage style? Are you looking to have a lot of posed pictures or do you want to create different settings that appear to be candid? Work with the photographer to see what you can create together.

3.       Ask to see a full portfolio

Take a good, hard look through the photos they provide you with a critical eye. Was the photographer able to capture people’s emotions? Was the photographer able to capture the moment when the bride and groom first locked eyes with each other? Be aware of good composition, any blurriness and the lighting situation.

4.       Make sure you like them on a personal level

You want a photographer who you understand, while at the same time, knowing they understand you as well. When you are contacting them initially, be ready to share your vision for the occasion and show your excitement and personality. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person on the most intimate day of your life. Be sure trust is established between you two and your partner.

5.       Agree on all details

It’s important to make sure all details are final, right down to the date you will be receiving all of the photographs from your wedding day. Do you want large prints, digital copies, a picture album, or all of the above? Do you want edited photos or originals? Make sure you go over all of this with your photographer prior to the wedding day to make sure you both are on the same page.

6.       Testimonials

You want to be certain that other people were more than satisfied with their wedding photos and enjoyed working with your wedding photographer. It would also be great to see testimonials about a similar wedding to yours, whether that be a destination wedding, beach wedding or a similar style to yours. You can even ask your photographer for more photos from that particular wedding in order to get a full sense of the occasion.

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