More about Katie...

Where are you from originally ?

I am originally from London, England and have grown up into between London and County Louth in Ireland where most of my family live.

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a photographer for 4 years now full time – and loving every minute!

What other kinds of photography do you like to do?

People are my thing! So I have shot the occasional family session, newborn and birth! But my main passion is weddings – I just love them!

How would you describe your photography style?

would describe my style as creative and documentary - I love shooting through windows, over shoulders, making the images dynamic and different, I don’t want to be noticed so shoot through doorways and in mirrors. I focus on being ‘back, for’e’, more’ – background details, foreground details and creating more interesting shots both modern and unobtrusive.

How do you work on the day? 

On the day I want to get to a point where no one sees me – capturing natural moments that unfold before me. I want you to look at your images and say ‘wow, how did she get that shot, I didn’t even see her there!’ rather than “I remember us taking that shot’. For the couple shots I make my voice heard a little more but only giving minimal instructions; I may ask you to just walk or take a break and stop there, the initial pose is not what I take a photo of, it’s the laughter or smiles that follow after the instruction that a capture.

Have you been published anywhere in magazines or online blogs ( if so which ones?)

I have been published in Brides magazine and have featured on Easyweddings real weddings blog, as well as being a fearless photographer member.

Are there any parts of the day you especially like photographing?

I love getting ready shots! It’s a great time to get to know the more prominent members of your day and for everyone to get comfortable with me being around. But my most loved moment is the couple shots – you are so busy from start to finish of your day that you often never get time just with each other! Couple shots allow a good 20 minutes or so away from your guests, so you can be alone with each other as newlyweds. The emotion caught in these moments I can never get enough of!

How many images do you normally shoot on a typical 8 hour wedding

On a typical 8 hour wedding I’ll normally shoot around 1,500 images, getting it down to the edited 400-600 quality moments for your finished album.

How much post production do you do?? What is your style?

 I do a limited amount of post production, leaving it as natural as possible, I just enhance the contrast, bringing the exposure up a little, and deepening the shadows - making the images pop a little more. I love colour, so the majority of your images will be colour with only a few black and white.

Do you have a favorite, must-capture moment for every wedding?

Again my favourite must capture moment is during the coupe shots – that look of endearing love *sigh* its just the best!

What’s the most unique photo you’ve ever taken at a wedding?

The most unique photo would have to be as the wind was blowing on a sunny spring day on the top of an ancient fort in Co Donegal, Ireland – the bride and groom were perfect sports and climbed up to the very top, with views over the country and sea, the veil blowing in the wind, it was gorgeous!

What piece of advice would you give brides and grooms to ensure that they get wedding photos they love forever?

My advice for the best photos would be to end with a bang! The last photos you’ll see of your day will be the ones of your guests on the dance floor. If you dance – they’ll dance! There’s nothing that gets me down more than a gorgeous wedding day, finished off with images of only 6 people dancing. Your guests will follow you! Lets keep everyone on the dance floor and get those fun, lively images that leave your cheeks aching from smiling!

If you weren’t a wedding photographer, what would you be doing?

Definitely some other sort of photography, I love travel and started off in underwater photography, so perhaps a marine photographer, or just a general travel-happy, island-hopping hippy flying from country to country!

Kind words

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Without Pink Daisy we would never have found such an exceptional photographer. Being able to select our preferences beforehand with Pink Daisy, made arranging it all so easy - and we are over the moon with the results! When we met, our photographer had so much information to go on and planning our day was a doddle! We chose Katie Roberts and I can’t sing her praises loudly enough- the photos we have got back are wonderful and so was she! Just simply brilliant!!

- Ceri & Michael