Fine Art Videography by Justina and Greg

Justina and Greg will capture your beautiful wedding with sheer perfection giving you timeless memories to cherish. Every wedding film is unique and extremely special. 


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Agnes & Richard - Four Seasons Hotel - Hampshire

Steph & Neil - Valldemossa Hotel - Mallorca, Spain

" I found Greg and Justina by spending hours trawling the internet watching countless trailers on tons of different websites. What I loved about their films is that exuded artistic flair but still kept all the emotion of the day. When I found myself welling up at the wedding videos on his blog of other people’s weddings who I didn’t even know, I knew I had found the right man for the job! His video from our day has blown us away. "- Steph & Neil

Molly & Henry - The Savoy Hotel

Denise and Nick - Mayfair Hotel

" ( Justina and Greg's ) video I saw moved me and was shot so beautifully, I couldn't believe my luck when I saw they were based near London. It was the exact style I imagined for my big day. 

I always worried about wedding videos being cheesy but Justina and Greg's are so far removed from the traditional wedding videographer style that what you are left with is a beautifully shot and edited video. They clearly truly care about what they do and every video I have seen from them is done to such a high level. For me, the little details are what makes their videos. 

After the wedding, guests commented on the fact that Greg was so discreet and looking back at the video there were sections shot that I didn't even know he was there! It bought back memories I had forgotten about which I am very grateful for! He didn't ask us to do anything, he literally just let the day unfold and documented it and turned it into a beautiful film. 

Some couples don't always consider videographers and don't see it as a priority but if there is any advise I can give anyone getting married; please invest in a videographer! Watching back our video bought back memories that still photos could never have done and we are so so grateful for that. 

Justina and Greg, it was an absolute pleasure working with you and we are honoured that you agreed to shoot our wedding day. 

-Denise and Nick XXX"