Michele grew up in Southern California,and has lived in London, Sydney, and New York City.

Michele's philosophy is that people are at their most beautiful when they are relaxed and having fun. She likes to establish a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, where everyone is genuinely enjoying themselves. There is a special twinkle in the eye in those moments, and it is my favourite thing to snap. 

Her work has a clean, romantic and whimsical style. She loves hazy and soft lighting, like you are in a dream. 

On the day of the wedding, she likes to shadow of the couple, shooting in a documentary style with a few posed photos, capturing the day from the couples perspective but not being intrusive. She loves photographing the couples shots. It is the first part of the day that the couple has to be alone together and have a little breather from all the excitement,take the time to photograph the bride and groom, looking their best, at the moment when they have officially become partners, and get to spend a little time together before the reception begins.