Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Ours is a large wedding, should we hire a second shooter?
A: If a wedding has more than 100 invited wedding guests and it is important for you to capture those guests, we recommend hiring a second shooter.   This ensures not only will you capture all the shots of your loved ones, but added benefits are you can capture both the bride and groom getting ready at the same time, and the ceremony from different angles. 

Q:  What happens if my Pink Daisy photographer is sick, or has an emergency and cancels?
A:  The only way a Pink Daisy photographer would cancel is under extreme circumstances not in the photographers control. If this is the case we have many other amazing photographers on call and ready to jump in at the last minute.  You will be able to approve the choice of replacement photographer before the day.

Q: What happens if our timing on the day runs late? Will the photographer stay longer?
A: If the photographer is getting to the end of their scheduled time but the day is running longer we always get our photographers to approach you to ask if you would like extra hours.  Get in touch about our rates!


Q. Does the bride and groom have copyright of the photos?                                                                                                   A: Though it is standard copyright law WorldWide that the photographer owns the copyright to any photographs they have taken, all of our packages include full printing rights for the couple  - this means you can print away to your hearts desire as many copies as you like, post on your Facebook or Insta accounts, and do with as you like.  We like to be as flexible as possible with our clients - as we LOVE all of our photographers work we would love to use your images on our website, and social media - but if you are really shy or just prefer us not to just let us know and we will accommodate!

Q:  Our wedding is less than 6 hours, do we get a discount?
A: We do hourly rates and can do custom packages for your if your wedding is under 6 hours.  Get in touch so we can discuss!

Q: Do we have to feed the photographer?
A: We do require some kind of food if shooting for more than 4 hours.  Usually this is given when the main courses are being served.  If this is a problem please let us know before hand and we will try and make other arrangements.

Q: Do you photograph Same Sex ceremonies?
A:  Yes we do!  Our photographers have had experience shooting all types of ceremonies, including same sex civil ceremonies.  


Q.  We are not getting married in London, do you do destination weddings?
A.  Yes we love destination weddings!  Please get in touch for a bespoke quote.