arindam shivaani

Arindam Banerjee & Shivaani Bahuguna

Husband and wife team. They are photojournalism, wedding and events photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Associated with Nurphoto- a photographic press photo agency based in Italy and Rexfeatures - a British photographic press agency and photo library based in London, United Kingdom, their images are being distributed by Getty Images- headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Associated Press- headquartered in New York city,  AFP- headquartered in Paris, France, and Picturedesk- headquartered in Austria.

Their images have been published in Wall Street Journal, Times (USA), Metro (United Kingdom), Telegraph (United Kingdom), Huffington Post (Canada), ET Canada, News Deeply, The Daily Wire, The Guardian (United Kingdom) to name a few. 

Arindam has been a photographer since 1998, he was born and raised in Kolkata, India. His passion is Negative or Film Photography.

Shivaani was born in Dehradun in India and raised in Toronto, Canada Her passion is planning, organizing and implementing .

Together, they love to shoot in the style of documentary/reportage/photojournalism.

On your wedding day Arindam & Shivaani will make sure you get exactly what you want. They love shooting emotional, intimate and spontaneous moments of your special day.